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Flooring has really advanced in the last few years and we have found epoxy has become a very in demand service from our clients. Epoxy use to be solely used in commercial and industrial buildings but with new products and paints epoxy is being used more than ever in residential homes. No longer just to coat a garage floor it’s now used in the home. We see many clients requesting epoxy flooring for their basement and sometimes to coat their whole house. With the paints now being able to create a marble look and granite look it really has jumped light years in terms of what you can do with the product over the last few years. We like to find clients the most top rated epoxy installers in their area and that is why our network that has been sourced by you “the people” on this site. Our clients have the power in making sure these guys deserve to stay on our site. The epoxy flooring companies also specialize in concrete polishing which is another very popular option people like to request. Should you need any epoxy flooring work done then let us know and we can help you find a local company.

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