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The main thing that can be a financial drain on your home is heat and energy escaping from it. This means you have to use more energy to keep yourself warm or cool. Insulation is very important and many homes are lacking efficient insulation. Here at Powered by the People we have a network of energy efficiency experts that deal with making your home or business much better in terms of efficiency. This can range from fiberglass insulation being installed, cellulose insulation and spray foam being installed. We also have companies that concentrate on asbestos being removed and new energy efficient insulation being installed in its place. There are also ways to cool your attic by installing attic fans and radiant barriers which stop your attic getting heated up causing you to keep putting that air conditioning unit on in the summer. Not only do our network of insulation installers take care of all the mentioned services they deal with attic and crawl space cleaning to keep your home dust and rodent free. So it real does make sense for you to call and get a quote on how much it would be to have new insulation added to your property, you will notice the difference instantly and it will make you feel happier that you made the changes to make your home more energy efficient.

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