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The most common mishaps that happen with garage doors is broken springs. After that it would be cables snapping or doors coming off the track. Normally here in 64434 we get 30 calls a week from people with these issues and we like to make sure we put them in contact with qualified garage door professionals who can take care of their needs. When a cable or spring breaks it almost makes it impossible to get the door open and this can be an issue as you don’t want to leave your car out. You will want to get the problem addressed ASAP with no delay and we can put you in touch quickly with skilled teams of garage door techs that work in the 64434 area that will not only provide you a fantastic price quote on the garage door repair but will also look the door over to make sure it’s not due for any further issues. Once they have checked everything over they will happily do a follow up call a few days later to see if everything is all ok and that you were happy with the service you received.

Not only can you find garage door repair companies here at Powered by the People. We also have teams that work on gates. Electric gates can wear down just like garage doors. It can sometimes be motor that’s causing the issue because they have to work hard to move a heavy steal or wooden object and overtime the parts get worn down and they need some upkeep. If your gate has stopped working it can stop you gaining access to your drive which in no good. We recommend not panicking and calling us so we can link you up with a gate repair specialist that covers the 64434 area who will be happy to come out and fix it for you. In most cases it will be something simple but if it has a part that is not very common and needs ordering they will at least get the gate to a point where it can be manually opened and closed until the part can be fixed. We want all of the gate and garage door companies that can be found on this website to be practical and fast on their feet in terms of thinking and doing.

So if you have any other issues related to your garage then let us know and we will provide an answer to the best of our ability. Here at Powered by the People we like to think of ourselves as problem solvers for you, so when you’re next in an emergency our staff is the key to helping you get through it.

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