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For a technology that has previously been deemed expensive, now solar technology costs have been decreasing due to competition in the market place which is only a good thing for home owners and the environment. It is a business service that is growing and growing and when it comes to solar technology there are many companies now installing the technology but only a handful are doing it extremely well and for the best price. We have found some of the best solar panel installers in Salina who take the time to sit with you and show you the benefits of installing solar technology in your home or business to cut monthly electric costs. We have a sun above our head that provides a great source of energy so why not use it to benefit us when we have the technology to do so.

Why you might want to consider getting solar technology in Salina? Some of the main benefits of having solar installed is it can be used to power the home in a few ways.

Swimming pools – If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool in Salina then the solar power technology will in fact heat a swimming pool all year round. Pools can be very expensive to heat so by having the sun do the work for you it can save you massively.

Electric car charging – If you have a plug in electric car and solar technology in your home you will never really have to pay a gas bill again. Can you imagine the amount of savings that equals to? Most cars are around $60 to fill up for gasoline and that covers 400 miles. With the bonus of having a plug in electric car your charge rate is around $2 to $4 for every charge and that covers around 150 miles. So let’s say $10 for a charge of 400 miles plus. With solar you will take that rate down to $0 for every 400 miles, no more losing. On average if you fill up every week which comes to $240 a month this is what you will be saving. Between the electric car and the solar panel technology you are on to a winner. Why keep giving the oil companies more of your money and keep polluting the air you breathe for future generations who will have to breathe it in, it makes no sense! By living in a smarter way you save money and do your part in preserving this earth for future generations.

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