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Moving Companies


If you are in need of a long distance mover or more of a local moving company then now has never been a better time to contact Powered by the People. We have worked with you guys to secure the best moving companies in the nation all under this amazing home service network. You will get the best prices and the best availability and most important, licensed guys to relocate your items. After putting together and scouring the internet for the best movers you can save yourself hours knowing we have done it for you and it’s only a click away. Should you need packing services or a Piano moved we have movers who do that nationwide. Need a local mover or an out of state mover then you in luck because we also have the best of the bunch in your area to do that. You will find the moving companies that are found on Powered by the People are the most honest and well priced in the area that are also very competitive in pricing. If you are going to move you want someone you can trust with your possessions and not just any old person you find on maybe craigslist. Here at Powered by the People you will only find the best movers in your area.

Our Belief

Too many hard working people, professional local contractors and small businesses that are known for their quality service, could lose everything because they don’t have the knowledge to compete and dominate on the internet.
Powered by The People wanted to give everyone the opportunity to work. So we opened our network to the public, and how our network functions, is that the search results found on our site for local contractors and small businesses are randomly selected. No cherry picking, meaning no one gets to dominate the industry or search results, thus giving the consumer a fair chance at picking top rated local services.
Together we can change the market and give every company a fair chance!