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Over 450 Million Aggregated Reviews

Powered By The People takes available rating sources from across the web and uses an algorithm to aggregate them, providing a dependable and impartial score.

It’s fair. Whether a business has 10 or 500 reviews, our algorithmic approach offers impartial comparison for all.

Guaranteed Professionals

Find industry leading professionals through Powered By The People. We work to make sure you get a full understanding of the service provider you are using or hiring by giving you all the information up front. Check to see what people are saying about businesses and their review rating.

Services Quality Guarantee

Our algorithm sources numerous websites to make sure we are giving you the best picture of the business you will be using. We want you to have all the information at hand so you are using a business that practices and employees the best quality and standards.

Background checked

We like to verify all of the businesses on Powered by the People. So you know that businesses are who they say they are. And with our integration showing if you have a friend that likes and uses a certain business, it gives you that connection and familiarity of knowing a business can be trusted.


Our Belief

Too many hard working people, professional local contractors and small businesses that are known for their quality service, could lose everything because they don’t have the knowledge to compete and dominate on the internet.

Powered by The People wanted to give everyone the opportunity to work. So we opened our network to the public, and how our network functions, is that the search results found on our site for local contractors and small businesses are randomly selected. No cherry picking, meaning no one gets to dominate the industry or search results, thus giving the consumer a fair chance at picking top rated local services.

Together we can change the market and give every company a fair chance!

Our Process

Search Companies

A simple search provides you a world of options.

Our Results

Quality local results in an instant.

Business Ratings

Sourced reviews give you a better picture of a company that you are looking to hire.

Contact Us

If you have any issues or suggestions, feel free to contact us.

Powered By The People

The power and opinion of people is what drives this network.

Contact us here.

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  • info@poweredbythepeople.com

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